Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding:
We provide a safe and comfortable place for your dog to stay while you are away! We are a small family business, not a kennel, and we only take a very limited number of dogs at a time. We make sure your dog does not experience the stress and trauma that many kennels can cause. Your pet will be surrounded by trees and grass with a relaxing park environment in their own "doggy hut". We bring all our dogs inside at night so they can sleep in a comfortable crate in an air conditioned room.

We require all dogs to be up to date on all vaccinations (yearly Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella and current Rabies).

$19.00 per day

Large Breed Dogs: $25.00 per day (dogs weighing 150 pounds or more)

Dogs staying 3 days or less: $25.00 per day

Special medication requirements: +$2.50 per day

Ask about our extended stay rates!

Holiday Rates:
Please note, we have limited space and we will fill up completely during the holidays, so reserve your spot early if you want to ensure your place.
$25.00 per day from November 18th-26th
$25.00 per day from December 20th-January 1st

Ask about our Special Discounts:
• 10% Discount for all dogs adopted from a rescue group or shelter!
• 10% Military Discount!
• Multiple Dog Discounts
• Extended Stay Discounts for boarding
• Make sure you add our Facebook Page for special coupons!

What to Bring:
• Enough food for the duration of their stay. This is to prevent any stomach upset. We want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. Please label your food container with your name & dog's name.
• Their favorite blanket or t-shirt, preferably one with your scent on it
• Their favorite toy
• Written instructions for medication or any special needs
• Phone number for emergency contact
Please note - We cannot guarantee the return of items left behind with your dog. Do not bring anything you wouldn't mind losing or having chewed up.