Welcome to Wolf Whisperer Dog Training and Dog Boarding!

You & your dog deserve a life changing and enjoyable training experience!

Dog Training: Did you know that your dog is actually a little wolf in disguise? Dogs are the descendants of wolves and many of the problems you may be having relate to this fact. Your dog needs guidance and encouragement in a language that they can understand. We specialize in interpreting canine behavior and addressing it from this perspective. We believe in positive reinforcement and gentle training. With over 20 years of experience we will teach you how to become the leader of your pack!
We want your training experience to be a fun and exciting time!

Dog Boarding: While you're making plans for jetting off to paradise... don't forget your dog needs a vacation too! At The Wolf Whisperer dog ranch your pet will be surrounded by trees and grass in a relaxing park environment. It is our goal to make sure your dog does not experience the stress and trauma that other kennels can cause. We're a small family business which makes us special because we only take a limited number of dogs. Your dog will see the same people every day and they will be able to bond with their caretaker unlike other boarding facilities.

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